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A modular, all-in-one drainage solution

THE Eazisoak was designed by Envirosan Sanitation Solutions to generate a much larger percolation area compared to a conventional soakaway system, traditionally constructed from geotextile fabric, stone and perforated pipe, materials which are not always readily available on-site.

A soakaway is a trench conventionally filled with gravel, rock, or both, with a perforated pipe and covered in a geotextile material that redirects the water on the surface and groundwater away from a specific area to prevent damage to building foundations. They also act as an alternative to open ditches or storm sewers. Soakaways can also be referred to as French drains, leach or drain fields, sub-soil drains or trench drains. In addition, soakaways are often used to distribute liquids from typical septic tanks and can also be used behind retaining walls to relieve groundwater pressure as well as stormwater control.

The new EaziSoak modular polymer system is manufactured in South Africa and delivers on every front, from the ease of installation, cost effectiveness and reliability to the end-user.
Some advantages of the modular system include:

  • Smaller footprint, with improved performance.
  • Improved percolation area compared to a conventional soakaway allows installation on sites with limited area availability.
  • Modular installation process allows fast and easy installation, contributing to direct cost and time savings on-site.
  • Greater storage capacity.
  • The bottom of the chambers are completely open for unobstructed infiltration of liquids.
    Perforations included in the chamber design allow maximum liquid infiltration.
    Substitutes the use of stone, perforated pipe and geo-fabric which isn’t always readily available.
  • Completely stackable and easy to transport without the use of expensive construction equipment.

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