Investigation of the Eviorsan Eziflush in conjunction with AGAMA Biogas systems.

On technical analysis of the Eziflush system and looking at the required feedstock in an AGAMA Biogas system, we have come to the conclusion that the two systems will work very well together.

The normal weight of human waste per human adult per day is about three hundred and fifty grams. (S. M. K Hosseini-Assal and S. D Hosseini. “Determination of the Mean Daily Stool Weight, Frequency of Defecation and Bowel Transit Time: Assessment of 1000 Healthy Subjects, “Archives of¬† Iranian Medicine.3, No. 4, 204 (2000).)

Each bowel movement then receives a water flush of two liters per flush or of four liters per flush. This would give a workable water-to-feedstock ratio which would allow bacteria in the system to reach feedstock effectively. An improvement on the performance of Biogas system being fed on human waste may occur as an improvement of water-to-feedstock  ratio means that the colonies of bacteria can grow denser. Although practical in theory, it would have to be field tested and data generated before this could be taken as fact.

The system will work well with the AGAMA Biogas system and AGAMA Biogas (Pty) Ltd endorses this technology.

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