Mandela Day Handover in partnership with Unilever, JoJo Tanks and Hillson Drilling

Dear Fellow Sanitation Stakeholders

As schools in South Africa continue to reopen, hygiene remains of paramount importance to ensure children’s safety. Children and staff need to have access to hygienic toilets and water for handwashing to ensure they stay safe from germs. However, the reality is that lack of hygienic and functioning sanitation at schools remains a problem throughout the country with 3 838 schools still using dangerous and unhygienic pit latrines and many schools lacking access to running water for handwashing.

We would like to share our recent


in partnership with;

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Domestos and Envirosan share a common goal of supporting the government in its ambition to eradicate pit latrines at schools and ensure safe, hygienic, sustainable, and dignified sanitation for all South African schoolchildren. The importance of the availability of water and hand wash/hygiene facilities on site has also become more relevant now (during the COVID-19 pandemic) than ever before.

The previous sanitation solution at the Greenville Secondary School only had two functioning chemical toilets (1 for boys and 1 for girls) for 733 learners. This was clearly nowhere near enough to safely serve the number of learners as well as the teachers and ensure safe and hygienic usage. Envirosan established that there were also 16 pit latrines in an ablution block that could be upgraded to Envirosan low flush “EaziFlush™” toilets, which would make for a much safer, more hygienic solution for the school.

Envirosan managed the construction works of the project, and together with Jojo, offered to sponsor all the plastic sanitaryware (low flush toilets, water tanks, septic tanks etc.) as well as the labour required for the installation thereof, whilst Domestos agreed to cover the cost of the new borehole equipped with solar-powered pump and panels from Hillson Drilling.

“As the late, great Nelson Mandela so rightly said

“There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.

We are exceptionally proud of our long-standing association with both Unilever and JoJo Tanks and the opportunity to partner with them both to ensure that yet another school has been supplied with Safe, Dignified, and Sustainable sanitation and hand wash solutions.”

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Envirosan Sanitation Solutions are committed to assist

Government to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic!