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Double Chamber Urine Diversion

Operational Principles: The double chamber Urine Diversion sanitation system is a dry, on-site sanitation system consisting of a sub-structure with two chambers. The chambers are completely sealed to ensure no water ingress from surface and/or ground water. Waste drops into the pit where organic material decomposes and the liquids are diverted into a separately constructed soak away. One pit is used until filled, which takes approximately 12 months per chamber. Once the chamber is filled, the defecation hole is completely sealed and the other pit used (the pedestal are relocated to the other chamber on the inside of the top-structure). The first chamber’s contents are left to decompose after which the matter can be removed once the second chamber is filled.Once the second chamber is filled, the decomposed content of the first chamber is emptied (after 12 months of decomposition) to a suitable disposal site or designated area.

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