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Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Toliet

Operational Principles: The Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) system is an on-site sanitation system, which consist of a superstructure constructed over a vented pit. Ventilation to the pit is achieved by the installation of a 110mm diameter vent pipe at the rear of the unit and covered with a fly screen. It is recommended for the pit to be lined, should later emptying be required and/or if poor soil conditions prevail. Human excreta drops into the vented pit where organic material decomposes and the liquids percolate into the surrounding soil. Continuous airflow through the top structure and above the vent pipe removes unwanted smells and vents gases away. It is recommended for the interior of the unit to be dark; thus to allow any insects that may enter the vault to be attracted by the light at the top of the vent pipe. With the insects unable to exit the vent pipe (due to the inclusion of the fly screen), these insects eventually die and fall back into the vaults, decomposing with the human waste.

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