VIP with Urine Diversion

VIP with Urine Diversion Details Operational Principles:The VIP with Urine Diversion system is a dry, on-site sanitation system, which consist of a superstructure constructed over a vented pit, which also includes the addition of Urine Diversion.Ventilation to the pit is achieved by the installation of a 110mm diameter vent pipe at the rear of the unit and covered with a fly screen.The pit is lined and sealed to avoid any water ingress into the pit chamber.Human excreta drop into the vented pit where organic material decomposes. Continuous airflow through the top structure and above the vent pipe removes unwanted smells and vents gases away.Further reduction of smell is achieved with the diversion of urine away from the chamber and into a separate soak away.This urine diversion system will take considerably longer to fill as the decomposition of the faecal matter is ongoing during it’s operation. envirosystems-1

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